Iryna Kulik

Iryna Kulik

SMM specialist

Value is valuable only if it is valued.

By education, Irina is a teacher of elementary grades and English, in fact, and by a lucky chance, she is a marketer with 6 years of experience.

She mastered a new area from scratch, and set up the first target on New Year’s Eve during a telephone consultation with an experienced colleague.

Until September 2021, she was engaged in the promotion of IT education at ITStep Academy. She managed to work in such niches as the tourism business, the beauty industry, the English school, the sale of vegan and PP products, women’s clothing, the promotion of the restaurant business and real estate agencies.

She has more than one course on Internet marketing, SMM, targeting, visual content and entrepreneurship in social networks.

Friends joke that Irina is an eternal student, because she continues to study until now.


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The main goal of any SMM promotion is not just to attract new customers, but also to work hard on the reputation of the brand itself. Many mistakenly assume that advertising on social networks is only suitable for companies that have the ability to purchase goods online.

Using the example of promoting a large supermarket chain in Montenegro, we again proved that SMM is an excellent tool for attracting customers to offline points of any company. These can be stores, service points, service centers and other places where you need to increase sales at the level of a specific geolocation.

About the customer

The Mix Markt supermarket chain has been one of the leaders in the food trade in a number of European countries for 24 years. There are currently 323 stores.

Their main feature is an exclusive range of products from the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. On the territory of Montenegro, shops are located in the cities of Bar, Budva, Podgorica, Tivat and Herceg Novi. The main clients of the network are representatives of Russian minorities.


Beginning of work

Prior to contacting us, the client had attempted to independently promote the company in such social networks as Facebook and Instagram. The pages were created in 2016, but had a very low engagement rate — almost zero ER.

For example, a company's Facebook page has received only 1,178 subscribers over 4.5 years of activity, and 1,467 on an Instagram business account.

Before the start of work, our SMM department team audited profiles, studied competitors and analyzed the target audience.

Unfortunately, we noticed traces of mass following and getting followers artificially. Accordingly, one of the first steps should be to «clean up» accounts. It is important to do this right away. Since having a lot of non-target audience we will never be able to effectively promote the brand, and launching ads for retargeting will simply «drain» the budget.


Having studied our proposal for a retail chain promotion strategy, the following main tasks were agreed upon by the client:

  • clear your account from bots;
  • increase brand awareness and audience loyalty;
  • redesign profiles;
  • start regular posting;
  • collect only target audience in accounts.

Promotion on Facebook and Instagram

The work was carried out in 2 main areas: organic SMM promotion of supermarkets in specific cities of Montenegro and targeted advertising.

Profile packaging

While our SMM specialist was cleaning up the profile of «dead souls», the design department developed several options for designing accounts and posts. The main requirement was to adhere to the main style and corporate colors of Mix Markt. Depending on seasonality, it was allowed to use additional thematic elements in visuals.


The profile packaging also consisted of:

  • redesigning the account header and basic information about the company on Facebook/Instagram;
  • development and implementation of headings and branded hashtags;
  • re-arranging «eternal stories» in a single style and according to the heading;
  • connection and configuration of all advertising tools and statistics.

Content preparation

According to the promotion strategy, the content manager developed a posting plan and schedule, which included:

  • regular daily publications in the feed and Stories;
  • writing texts of selling, engaging and entertaining content;
  • increase in the number of visuals in video format and in the form of a carousel.

One of our goals was to expand the audience, to go beyond the boundaries of only Russian minorities. To do this, we used double translation of the texts: the content was prepared in Serbian and Russian.


/ 02

To increase confidence in the company's product, we began to talk about manufacturers and partners. For activation of existing target subscribers, greater involvement of new audience and motivation to interact with the brand, we:

  • introduced a section with important information about food products and life hacks (for example, how to properly brew this or that type of tea or what is contained in mushrooms, what are their benefits);
  • launched a grocery shopping cart raffle.
Banner Banner Banner Banner

We added useful content in the form of simple recipes for which the consumer can always find products on the shelves of the Mix Markt supermarket chain.

Selling content was designed in the form of daily coverage of current promotions from the company — they emphasized their benefits for each buyer. For example, the following posts were the most successful in terms of organic reach and interaction with the profile:

  • food basket raffle;
  • news posts about the inner life of the Mix Markt chain and information on shopping;
  • promotions on selected products.

The accounts were systematically filled with high-quality content, as we were faced with the task of launching targeted advertising:

Banner Banner Banner Banner

Launch of targeted advertising

The main goals of paid SMM promotion of supermarkets on Facebook and Instagram were:

  • increasing awareness of the company and its products in social networks;
  • attracting a new target audience;
  • conversion of leads from advertising into active subscribers;
  • conversion of leads from ads and subscribers into applications in Direct.

In total, 95 advertising campaigns were launched, which we directed to achieve the goals set above.


/ 02

In advertising, we tested content of a selling nature (general promotions and for individual products), engaging content, as well as image advertising of the entire supermarket chain.

Campaigns performed best when set to dynamic creatives and which covered information on current promotions: they had the highest reach, interaction, and the cost of a click on a button was from $0.005 to $0.02.

For example:

  • campaign with a digest of 2-week promotions;
  • image advertising of the company;
  • holiday promotions.
Banner Banner Banner Banner Banner

The results

As a result of complex actions on organic SMM and paid promotion of a chain of stores, in 7 months we were able to:

  • increase the number of (targeted) followers on Facebook by 42%;
  • expand the audience (targeted followers) on Instagram, an increase of 54%;
  • increase audience coverage — tell the maximum number of audience about the company:
  • create a positive conversion dynamics from advertising to profile visits (cold audience):
  • improve the quality and quantity of interaction with the company’s content (236 posts were made, comments are more likely to be left 77.5 times, «Likes» increased 8.71 times, brand publications are shared 2.43 times more often);
  • increase the target audience by attracting representatives of the indigenous people of Montenegro (advertising with double translation helped).

In order to maintain the achieved indicators, a checklist of recommendations for further actions and account management was developed for the client.

As you can see, SMM promotion is effective for any area and niche. The main thing is to trust professionals who understand the intricacies of your business and competently plan a strategy for its promotion.

If you have your own business and want to maximize its recognition and sales, set us this interesting SMM task (possibly very difficult) — we will be happy to take on its implementation.

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A personal brand is a strong competitive advantage that allows you to stand out in your niche, raise awareness of your target audience and gain a loyal audience. Like a corporate brand, an entrepreneur (expert, trainer, etc.) with a well-developed personal brand is much easier to build a line of customers, sell their services or goods at a higher price, and launch new products on the market.

A promoted personal brand is additional income for a company, product or service. In this case, we will look into the creation and promotion of a personal brand on Instagram and other social networks using the example of our regular customer.


Getting started

Our client is a car expert who is engaged in the purchase and delivery of cars from the USA on a turnkey basis. The purpose of promoting an entrepreneur's Instagram account is to increase the recognition of the name, company and attract potential customers. And the first task with which you should always start work is visual content. In this case, we were lucky, Dmitry had a good stock of photos from travels, business trips and pictures of the working environment.

We started our work in 2018, when accounts with template information and expert posts were even more popular. Therefore, we allocated 1 column in his account specifically for such posts. Now posting is done not in this style, but one preset is applied to all photos.

Activities and contests

Everyone loves contests, as well as various activities. WebNauts is trying to use these trends to the maximum benefit for its customers, so for the entire period of work with Dmitry, we have constantly held various competitive activities both to attract new subscribers and to attract potential customers to services. New Year's Eve is the best time to raffle a few gifts among your audience and attract new subscribers. To make the contest more atmospheric, we asked subscribers to write their goals for the year in the comments (we reminded subscribers about this contest after 9 months and asked how many goals they had already achieved). The result is more than 3500 interactions with the publication.


/ 02

Of course, success in the competition depends to a large extent on the gift that you are giving away. In the 21st century, when each of us has at least 1-2 gadgets, PowerBank becomes simply an indispensable thing. But is it solid to give a person with a Personal Brand power banks from Aliexpress? Of course not! That is why we take 10 power banks and brand them (photo + link) - and this is a gift of a completely different level! For such prizes, it is not a shame to subscribe not only to your Instagram account, but also to the Business page on Facebook. What we, in fact, requested from the participants. As a result, more than 7 thousand interactions with the post and more than 3 thousand followers on Instagram (and 2 thousand on Facebook business page).

  • 3 500

    interactions with the New Year's competition

  • 7 000

    interactions when drawing branded power banks

  • 3 000

    new subscribers with each contest

  • 2 000

    new Facebook followers

Contests help to attract only subscribers?

No! As we said earlier, Dmitry is importing cars bought at insurance auctions from the USA. In this case, new subscribers are certainly useful, but it is even more important to solve the main task — to attract potential customers. Therefore, we decided to combine business with pleasure.

Every week, on a certain day, auctions were held, in which Dmitry participated. We offered users to guess the price for which the car will be sold at the auction. To do this, we made a contest post, in which we left a link to the lot, briefly describing Dmitry's activities and telling the conditions of the contest.

Naturally, all these contests were launched as targeted advertising campaigns for the audience with the parameters we needed! A person will always notice a post with the text «Win 20$». Looking through such posts, people learned about Dmitry's activities, as a result of which they often became potential and real clients. After some time, we began to hold similar contests in the format of a weekly column:

Banner Banner Banner

Integration with other social networks

The customer’s company has a good channel on the YouTube platform, where every Friday he analyzed his purchases during the week. We posted a small announcement of each episode in the account, promoted the post with the announcement (and the cost of advertising campaigns for the purpose of video views usually remains within the range of up to $0.01 per view), and thus solved several tasks at once:

  • Increasing the reach in the Instagram account of a personal brand with the help of an advertising campaign;
  • Transitions to Dmitry's account from an advertising campaign (new subscribers and potential customers);
  • An increase in the number of views of the video on YouTube (with each announcement, we left a link to the full video in the header of the account).

Advertising campaigns when promoting a personal brand on Instagram

Contests and activities are always good, but in the current realities it is hard to imagine an effective SMM promotion of a Personal Brand in social networks without targeting — without conducting targeted advertising campaigns. A bright picture with large text in Stories will always attract attention and, if you do not miscalculate with the audience, it will literally «force» a person to click on the link. These are the images we used for ads in Stories:


/ 04

Results by the cost of switching to a profile:


Of course, to increase reach, activity and engagement in your account, we use advertising campaigns with the purpose of «User Engagement»:


As you can see for yourself, the cost per engagement did not rise above $0.01, although it is much lower on most posts.

The result

SMM promotion of a business through a personal brand in social networks in general and Instagram in particular is a strategy that almost always pays off when promoting commercial projects. This is an opportunity to form a loyal audience using all the tools that Facebook advertising accounts and organic promotion tools provide us. In the case of Dmitry, a personal account has become not only a way to share mood or opinion with subscribers, but also a stable tool for attracting new customers - a direction for business growth in general.

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Another of our regular customers is a Kyiv company that offers extreme entertainment services on buggies and quad bikes. Using their example, we decided to look into the issue of launching accounts and setting up targeting — from «dead» accounts to a constant stream of applications from social networks. So, turnkey promotion of buggy and quad bikes rental services on Instagram and Facebook — let's go!

About the project

The project is interesting for its focus on both adult and younger target audiences. This gave us the opportunity to fully unlock the potential of Instagram in this niche.

At the time of the start of work, the accounts had already been created, but were idle with very low activity. There were only selling posts, which were published extremely rarely. We immediately developed a corporate identity for the Instagram account and Facebook page, added several informational and entertaining posts, and then launched advertising campaigns.

The objective:

  • Attracting subscribers; in the future — processing the attracted audience in order to generate leads.
  • Direct traffic of hot leads from advertising campaigns.

Budget for advertising campaigns: up to $50 per month


The target audience:

The pricing policy of the club is slightly above average compared to competitors. It was decided to focus on the audience 21+, among which are lovers of outdoor activities, extreme sports and avid travelers.

Getting started and designing

Even before the launch of advertising campaigns, the first stage was the design of extreme entertainment accounts on Instagram and Facebook in the same style:


/ 02

Advertising campaigns

Advertising of buggy and quad bikes rental services was carried out on Instagram and Facebook in order to involve the target audience in promotional posts, traffic to the account, and started messages in the messenger:


/ 03

Briefly about the results of advertising campaigns:

  • 13

    dollars — the minimum price for 10 dialogues with customers (no more than 20 dollars)

  • 11

    dollars per 100 clicks on Instagram

  • 2

    dollars - the minimum price for 100 engagements that we managed to get (up to 9 dollars, depending on the target audience and the placement)

Competitive activity

Nowadays we can’t do without contests when promoting accounts on Instagram or Facebook. We held 2 competitions, during which we raffled off 2 certificates for a buggy ride:


/ 02

Contest campaigns were additionally carried out for competitive posts:


/ 02

The 2nd giveaway has been held on Instagram. Facebook left on organic.

Contest results

  • 10 846

    coverage of publications

  • 2 018

    reactions to contest posts

  • 18

    dollars spent on advertising contests

Summary of Campaign Results

For subsequent advertising campaigns, we created audiences in the «lookalike» format, in addition, we parsed the target audience and collected bases of potential subscribers on thematically related resources, competitor accounts, as well as on the hashtags we used.

The customer continued to work with us for 4 months, so you can expect new cases on SMM promotion of the buggy and quad bikes rental center on Facebook and Instagram in the near future!

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