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SMM of supermarket chain in Montenegro

The main goal of any SMM promotion is not just to attract new customers, but also to work hard on the reputation of the brand itself. Many mistakenly assume that advertising on social networks is only suitable for companies that have the ability to purchase goods online.

Using the example of promoting a large supermarket chain in Montenegro, we again proved that SMM is an excellent tool for attracting customers to offline points of any company. These can be stores, service points, service centers and other places where you need to increase sales at the level of a specific geolocation.

About the customer

The Mix Markt supermarket chain has been one of the leaders in the food trade in a number of European countries for 24 years. There are currently 323 stores.

Their main feature is an exclusive range of products from the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. On the territory of Montenegro, shops are located in the cities of Bar, Budva, Podgorica, Tivat and Herceg Novi. The main clients of the network are representatives of Russian minorities.

Beginning of work

Prior to contacting us, the client had attempted to independently promote the company in such social networks as Facebook and Instagram. The pages were created in 2016, but had a very low engagement rate — almost zero ER.

For example, a company’s Facebook page has received only 1,178 subscribers over 4.5 years of activity, and 1,467 on an Instagram business account.

Before the start of work, our SMM department team audited profiles, studied competitors and analyzed the target audience.

Unfortunately, we noticed traces of mass following and getting followers artificially. Accordingly, one of the first steps should be to «clean up» accounts. It is important to do this right away. Since having a lot of non-target audience we will never be able to effectively promote the brand, and launching ads for retargeting will simply «drain» the budget.

Having studied our proposal for a retail chain promotion strategy, the following main tasks were agreed upon by the client:

  • clear your account from bots;
  • increase brand awareness and audience loyalty;
  • redesign profiles;
  • start regular posting;
  • collect only target audience in accounts.

Promotion on Facebook and Instagram

The work was carried out in 2 main areas: organic SMM promotion of supermarkets in specific cities of Montenegro and targeted advertising.

Profile packaging

While our SMM specialist was cleaning up the profile of «dead souls», the design department developed several options for designing accounts and posts. The main requirement was to adhere to the main style and corporate colors of Mix Markt. Depending on seasonality, it was allowed to use additional thematic elements in visuals.

The profile packaging also consisted of:

  • redesigning the account header and basic information about the company on Facebook/Instagram;
  • development and implementation of headings and branded hashtags;
  • re-arranging «eternal stories» in a single style and according to the heading;
  • connection and configuration of all advertising tools and statistics.

Content preparation

According to the promotion strategy, the content manager developed a posting plan and schedule, which included:

  • regular daily publications in the feed and Stories;
  • writing texts of selling, engaging and entertaining content;
  • increase in the number of visuals in video format and in the form of a carousel.

One of our goals was to expand the audience, to go beyond the boundaries of only Russian minorities. To do this, we used double translation of the texts: the content was prepared in Serbian and Russian.


/ 02

To increase confidence in the company’s product, we began to talk about manufacturers and partners. For activation of existing target subscribers, greater involvement of new audience and motivation to interact with the brand, we:

  • introduced a section with important information about food products and life hacks (for example, how to properly brew this or that type of tea or what is contained in mushrooms, what are their benefits);
  • launched a grocery shopping cart raffle.

We added useful content in the form of simple recipes for which the consumer can always find products on the shelves of the Mix Markt supermarket chain.

Selling content was designed in the form of daily coverage of current promotions from the company — they emphasized their benefits for each buyer. For example, the following posts were the most successful in terms of organic reach and interaction with the profile:

  • food basket raffle;
  • news posts about the inner life of the Mix Markt chain and information on shopping;
  • promotions on selected products.

The accounts were systematically filled with high-quality content, as we were faced with the task of launching targeted advertising:


Launch of targeted advertising

The main goals of paid SMM promotion of supermarkets on Facebook and Instagram were:

  • increasing awareness of the company and its products in social networks;
  • attracting a new target audience;
  • conversion of leads from advertising into active subscribers;
  • conversion of leads from ads and subscribers into applications in Direct.

In total, 95 advertising campaigns were launched, which we directed to achieve the goals set above.


/ 02

In advertising, we tested content of a selling nature (general promotions and for individual products), engaging content, as well as image advertising of the entire supermarket chain.

Campaigns performed best when set to dynamic creatives and which covered information on current promotions: they had the highest reach, interaction, and the cost of a click on a button was from $0.005 to $0.02.

For example:

  • campaign with a digest of 2-week promotions;
  • image advertising of the company;
  • holiday promotions.

The results

As a result of complex actions on organic SMM and paid promotion of a chain of stores, in 7 months we were able to:

  • increase the number of (targeted) followers on Facebook by 42%;
  • expand the audience (targeted followers) on Instagram, an increase of 54%;
  • increase audience coverage — tell the maximum number of audience about the company:
  • create a positive conversion dynamics from advertising to profile visits (cold audience):
  • improve the quality and quantity of interaction with the company’s content (236 posts were made, comments are more likely to be left 77.5 times, «Likes» increased 8.71 times, brand publications are shared 2.43 times more often);
  • increase the target audience by attracting representatives of the indigenous people of Montenegro (advertising with double translation helped).

In order to maintain the achieved indicators, a checklist of recommendations for further actions and account management was developed for the client.

As you can see, SMM promotion is effective for any area and niche. The main thing is to trust professionals who understand the intricacies of your business and competently plan a strategy for its promotion.

If you have your own business and want to maximize its recognition and sales, set us this interesting SMM task (possibly very difficult) — we will be happy to take on its implementation.

SMM for supermarkets and chain stores on Instagram and Facebook

Contact us to fill out a promotion brief and receive a commercial offer. We perform an exhaustive project audit and strategy development free of charge.

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