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Website Development

Any complexity, with modern design and selling elements. Let's turn visitors into customers!

Website Development Website Development

Website Development Services

Our team of Ukrainian developers has over 10 years of professional experience in website development. Thanks to the gained experience, we create effective business projects that help attract customers and increase sales.

We offer a full range of services, developing websites from scratch and on a turnkey basis:

  • help in the preparation of Technical Assignment;
  • create the page structure;
  • create design and layout;
  • carry out technical SEO-optimization.

We guarantee a satisfactory outcome and reasonable pricing.

What Makes Our Sites Different

  • SEO-optimized: our websites are optimized for search engine promotion, making it easier for them to rank high in search results.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Mobile responsiveness: our websites display content correctly on not only computers but also tablets and phones.
  • Eye-catching and memorable design in a corporate style.
  • A visual storytelling approach that uses graphics and interactive elements.
  • Convenient and intuitive navigation.
  • Conversion-focused structure for selling websites.
  • Selling tools: CTA blocks, widgets and more.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: sites work equally well in Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and other browsers.
  • High level of security against external attacks: DDoS, brute force, hacks through CMS vulnerabilities and other risks.
  • Operational support of Webnauts specialists.

Used CMS and Frameworks

  • Technology


  • Technology


  • Technology


  • Technology


  • Technology

    JS frameworks

  • Technology

    PHP frameworks

  • Technology

    And others

Our Advantages

  • 01

    Specialists in Different Fields

  • 02

    Target for Sales

  • 03


  • 04

    Reasonable Prices

  • 05

    Any Currency and Geography

  • 06

    Warranty and Technical Support

  • 01

    Specialists in Different Fields

    Specialists in Different Fields (1)

    Creating good websites requires a variety of specialists who are deeply versed in their field. The Webnauts development team is ready to deliver spectacular results.

    A project manager will discuss all the details of the project with you, help draw up the terms of reference, and coordinate the work of the team.

    A designer will develop a site layout and create a recognizable visual style.

    A coder will turn the designer’s pictures into a tangible web page.

    A programmer will set up the functionality of the site, integrate it with the database, and create users’ personal accounts.

    An SEO specialist will help promote the site in search results and attract the target audience.

    A content manager will fill the pages with useful information and the company blog with articles.

  • 02

    Target for Sales

    Target for Sales (2)

    A business website should not only lead and impress visitors, but also ensure sales. We are focused on increasing the number of sales from different sources, for which we use the following tools:

    • contextual advertising;
    • SEO optimization;
    • lead forms and callbacks;
    • online consultants;
    • «social» buttons;
    • retargeting;
    • e-mail and sms-mailings;
    • selling triggers.

    The combined use of these measures will ensure you win over your competitors by turning site visitors into your customers.

  • 03


    Multilingual (3)

    We cooperate with customers from all over the world. If you need a website with English, German, Italian, Spanish or any other language support, we will be happy to help.

    The use of multilingualism will help to enter new markets and expand the customer base. It can also be convenient for the local market if several languages ​​are popular in it.

    You can find examples of sites in different languages in our portfolio.

  • 04

    Reasonable Prices

    Reasonable Prices (4)

    We will always tell you honestly and in detail what you are paying for. We will analyze and discuss the commercial prospects of your project so that the costs of creating a site can pay off with profit from it in the shortest possible time.

    Contact us to get an estimate for the development of the site according to your goals.

  • 05

    Any Currency and Geography

    Any Currency and Geography (5)

    We work in the legal field, we sign a contract for the provision of services. We accept payment in different currencies: by bank transfer or electronic money (PayPal, WebMoney and others). We will agree on a suitable payment scheme (50/50, 20/30/50, etc.)

    We cooperate with clients in Ukraine and European countries. We are ready to expand our geography and communicate at a convenient time for you, no matter what time zone you are in.

  • 06

    Warranty and Technical Support

    Warranty and Technical Support (6)

    We provide a guarantee for the finished site. If in the course of work functionality bugs or layout errors occur, or something does not work as expected, we will fix everything.

    If not only warranty obligations are important to you, but also constant technical support of the site, you can contact in real time or buy a certain number of hours per month in advance.

"Free Primary SEO Optimization!

For the successful promotion of your online project in search engines, it is important to consider SEO requirements during the site creation stage. A resource configured according to all the rules can gain positions for key queries in the first few weeks, bringing organic traffic to your site from search engines. You can also find examples of our website development work on the appropriate pages. 

Primary SEO optimization includes:

  1. Creation of a robots.txt service file (setting up site indexing by search engines) and a sitemap.
  2. Writing and placing SEO texts on promoted pages (the number is agreed upon in the terms of reference).
  3. Installation and configuration of an SEO plugin to track errors, work with meta tags, and perform many other tasks.
  4. Filling in title and description meta tags, meta tag templates for section pages, products, and filters.
  5. Site registration in Google Search Console.

And when ordering a comprehensive promotion of the resource, we will provide a discount for its development.


Stages of Creating a Site

  • 01

    Brainstorming the Idea

    We'll discuss your needs and prepare a detailed technical specification document.

  • 02


    We'll develop a concept and analyze user scenarios to ensure the website meets the requirements and expectations of your target audience.

  • 03


    Our team will create a website layout that reflects your company's corporate identity and branding.

  • 04


    Turning a designer's layout into working HTML code

  • 05

    WEB Programming

    Working on the functionality of the site, setting up modules

  • 06

    SEO Preparation

    Verification with the checklist for preparing the site for promotion

  • 07


    Checking the correct display of the site and its functionality

Customer Reviews

  • Milya Kotlyarova on developing paid access to WordPress content

    Milya Kotlyarova

    We worked with Oleg on WP + WooCommerce bundle, set up paid access to sections of the site (online courses). Everything is prompt, honest and fast. You can immediately see a professional — the questions were only on the merits, Oleg offered cool options on how to implement the task with minimal time and material costs. As a result, after a couple of days everything was already working (and we were still waiting for a response from Yandex.Checkout, so in general we could have done it faster). Everything was great, thank you for your work!

  • Andrii Kalinin about FlyPark advertising

    Andrii Kalinin

    Manager of the Children entertaining center Fly Park, Kiev

    Based on the experience of cooperation with the Webnauts company, I can say the following: the staff is qualified, has a fairly high creative potential and high professionalism. The guys do not neglect the opportunity to advise and offer some ideas of ​​their own. If there is a more rational solution (from their point of view), they will definitely offer it. Technical tasks are fulfilled by 150%. I will explain where the extra 50% comes from: the TOR is considered and analyzed, the use of possible options for solving the task is discussed with the customer, the work begins only after discussion and agreement. This approach results in exceptionally high-quality work. In general, the guys are great!

  • Olena Petrunina about creating a website for selling cars

    Olena Petrunina

    Expert in export organization

    Very happy to work with the guys! Easy to communicate, diligent, ready to find new solutions in accordance with the requirements of the project. Good prices and great service! Highly recommend.

  • Tetiana Stanovaya about R.Politic

    Tatiana Stanovaya

    Political scientist, political commentator

    The Webnauts company developed the R.Politik website and has been supporting it since the project was founded, despite the fact that many of the programmers who took up work at the very beginning either refused to complete the terms of reference because of the «impossibility» or distorted the tasks in such a way that it had nothing to do with the intended purpose. Oleg Frolov and Aleksey Sheptura were the only ones who took on «unsolvable tasks» and actually finished the job, and in the best possible way — the site eventually exceeded all expectations in terms of its functionality and design. Webnauts is a very highly professional team that you can always count on, no matter what happens (and site hacks and viruses happen). Oleg and Alexei are always in touch, they approach any situation with great patience, diligence and creativity, especially since such situations can often be non-standard. And I should also say about decency both in the context of pricing policy, and in the context of thoroughness and scrupulousness in the implementation of tasks.

  • Oksana Kuklenko

    Oksana Kuklenko


    Great company. Great guys. Talented professionals. They seem to be able to do everything. Even if you don’t know how to explain, they understand and do it. Thank you for your work. I look forward to further cooperation.


/ 10


/ 10


  • How much does it cost to develop a website from scratch?

    The cost of the site is formed depending on its functionality and scope of work. For example, the price for creating a landing page and developing a turnkey online store can differ several times. 

  • What is included in the cost of creating a website?

    Depends on the type of site: creating a business card site and developing an online service are very different from each other. However, regardless of the type of service, creating a site includes:

    1. development of the site structure;
    2. page design layout;
    3. installation and configuration of a CMS system (or other platform);
    4. filling the site with the information provided;
    5. primary SEO optimization;
    6. site hosting.
  • How long does it take to develop a site?

    Website development time depends on the complexity of the task. Creating a simple business card website or landing page will take 2 weeks, more complex projects can take several months to develop. At the same time, you can release an MVP version (minimum viable product), gradually improving its functionality.

  • Is SEO promotion included in the cost of developing a website?

    The set of services includes basic SEO-optimization:

    • creating a robots.txt service file (setting up indexing of the site by search engines) and a site map (sitemap);
    • writing and placing SEO texts on promoted pages (the number is agreed in the terms of reference);
    • installing and configuring a special SEO plugin,which allows you to work with meta tags, track errors and solve many other tasks;
    • filling in title and description meta tags, meta tag templates for section pages, products, filters;
    • site registration in Google webmaster panel;
    • technical optimization for the correct launch of the resource.
  • Can I edit the information on the site myself after publication?

    You will be able to independently edit the content of the site if it is built on the basis of a ready-made CMS (content management system). For example, using WordPress, you can replace any text block and image without even having special skills.

  • What is hosting and why should you pay for it?

    Hosting is where your website is hosted. To be more precise, this is a server with your site files, which is always connected to the Internet. Thanks to its round-the-clock work, your site is constantly available to other users. It is expensive to maintain your own server, so in most cases servers are rented from other companies.

  • Do you improve existing sites?

    Yes, we are ready for improvements of any complexity: fixing layout problems, setting up a catalog in an online store, fixing integrations with other services. See the «Editing» page for more details.

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