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Animated Videos

Here you can order an animated video for a website or an online store: promotional video, advertising, video infographics and others.

Animated Videos Animated Videos

Creation of Custom Videos

Animated videos are an effective advertising tool for businesses:

  1. draw attention and are remembered;
  2. help to brightly present your product and corporate identity of the brand;
  3. explain the benefits of the product in more detail, holding the attention of a potential customer.

An informational, advertising or image video may contain characters that talk about the product or use it. The main role can be played by both humans and animals, cartoon characters, comics and movies. will help you realize your idea. All the necessary specialists work in our team: screenwriters, animators, sound engineers and motion designers.

Animated and Promotional Videos from Webnauts

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Advantages of Animated Videos

  • Animated videos attract more attention and make a more tangible impression than any other content on the sites.
  • Due to visual images, animated videos are much better at illustrating the features, advantages and benefits of a company, product or service.
  • Videos give much more chances to «reach out» to the audience, because today people prefer to watch rather than read.
  • It is faster and more convenient to convey information than with the help of the highest quality texts.
  • With the right level of creativity and storytelling, people enjoy watching your videos.
  • Videos are much more likely to become «viral», because people are in a hurry to share good and useful materials on social media.
  • Animated videos can be used for a variety of purposes: informing, selling, promoting, and more.
  • Animated videos increase the image of the company and the conversion of web pages.
  • The price of videos for a turnkey website varies, which allows you to develop clips for different budget sizes.

Stages of Work

  • 01

    Development of the idea

    Search for a successful concept and the necessary style.

  • 02

    Script writing

    Creating a catchy and informative story for the video.

  • 03

    Storyboarding and rendering

    Used for main scenes. If necessary, filming the scene.

  • 04

    Character Creation

    Rendering the main and secondary characters of the video.

  • 05


    Classical, character, Flat, 2D, 3D and others.

  • 06

    Musical arrangement

    Selection of a suitable soundtrack in the database.

  • 07


    The presence of this stage depends on the script and the concept of the video.

  • 08

    Video editing

    Synchronizing audio and video.

  • 09

    Sending to the customer

    For verification and approval.

  • 10

    Making edits

    If the customer has any comments.

  • 11


    Embedding the video on the site, posting on social networks, publishing on YouTube.

  • 12


    Advertising and promotion of the video.

The Cost of Creating a Video

The cost of creating a video is determined by several factors:

  • video topics;
  • video duration;
  • the plot of the video and the complexity of its implementation;
  • the number of acting characters;
  • the degree of detail of the video and elements in it;
  • special effects.

We will be able to give you the exact cost only after discussing your task. If you want to order an animated video, please contact our manager. We are committed to long-term cooperation and offer competitive prices.

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Animated Videos
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