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SMM of an Entrepreneur’s Personal Brand on Instagram

A personal brand is a strong competitive advantage that allows you to stand out in your niche, raise awareness of your target audience and gain a loyal audience. Like a corporate brand, an entrepreneur (expert, trainer, etc.) with a well-developed personal brand is much easier to build a line of customers, sell their services or goods at a higher price, and launch new products on the market.

A promoted personal brand is additional income for a company, product or service. In this case, we will look into the creation and promotion of a personal brand on Instagram and other social networks using the example of our regular customer.

Getting started

Our client is a car expert who is engaged in the purchase and delivery of cars from the USA on a turnkey basis. The purpose of promoting an entrepreneur’s Instagram account is to increase the recognition of the name, company and attract potential customers. And the first task with which you should always start work is visual content. In this case, we were lucky, Dmitry had a good stock of photos from travels, business trips and pictures of the working environment.

We started our work in 2018, when accounts with template information and expert posts were even more popular. Therefore, we allocated 1 column in his account specifically for such posts. Now posting is done not in this style, but one preset is applied to all photos.

Activities and contests

Everyone loves contests, as well as various activities. WebNauts is trying to use these trends to the maximum benefit for its customers, so for the entire period of work with Dmitry, we have constantly held various competitive activities both to attract new subscribers and to attract potential customers to services. New Year’s Eve is the best time to raffle a few gifts among your audience and attract new subscribers. To make the contest more atmospheric, we asked subscribers to write their goals for the year in the comments (we reminded subscribers about this contest after 9 months and asked how many goals they had already achieved). The result is more than 3500 interactions with the publication.


/ 02

Of course, success in the competition depends to a large extent on the gift that you are giving away. In the 21st century, when each of us has at least 1-2 gadgets, PowerBank becomes simply an indispensable thing. But is it solid to give a person with a Personal Brand power banks from Aliexpress? Of course not! That is why we take 10 power banks and brand them (photo + link) – and this is a gift of a completely different level! For such prizes, it is not a shame to subscribe not only to your Instagram account, but also to the Business page on Facebook. What we, in fact, requested from the participants. As a result, more than 7 thousand interactions with the post and more than 3 thousand followers on Instagram (and 2 thousand on Facebook business page).

  • 3 500

    interactions with the New Year's competition

  • 7 000

    interactions when drawing branded power banks

  • 3 000

    new subscribers with each contest

  • 2 000

    new Facebook followers

Contests help to attract only subscribers?

No! As we said earlier, Dmitry is importing cars bought at insurance auctions from the USA. In this case, new subscribers are certainly useful, but it is even more important to solve the main task — to attract potential customers. Therefore, we decided to combine business with pleasure.

Every week, on a certain day, auctions were held, in which Dmitry participated. We offered users to guess the price for which the car will be sold at the auction. To do this, we made a contest post, in which we left a link to the lot, briefly describing Dmitry’s activities and telling the conditions of the contest.

Naturally, all these contests were launched as targeted advertising campaigns for the audience with the parameters we needed! A person will always notice a post with the text «Win 20$». Looking through such posts, people learned about Dmitry’s activities, as a result of which they often became potential and real clients. After some time, we began to hold similar contests in the format of a weekly column:

Integration with other social networks

The customer’s company has a good channel on the YouTube platform, where every Friday he analyzed his purchases during the week. We posted a small announcement of each episode in the account, promoted the post with the announcement (and the cost of advertising campaigns for the purpose of video views usually remains within the range of up to $0.01 per view), and thus solved several tasks at once:

  • Increasing the reach in the Instagram account of a personal brand with the help of an advertising campaign;
  • Transitions to Dmitry’s account from an advertising campaign (new subscribers and potential customers);
  • An increase in the number of views of the video on YouTube (with each announcement, we left a link to the full video in the header of the account).

Advertising campaigns when promoting a personal brand on Instagram

Contests and activities are always good, but in the current realities it is hard to imagine an effective SMM promotion of a Personal Brand in social networks without targeting — without conducting targeted advertising campaigns. A bright picture with large text in Stories will always attract attention and, if you do not miscalculate with the audience, it will literally «force» a person to click on the link. These are the images we used for ads in Stories:


/ 04

Results by the cost of switching to a profile:


Of course, to increase reach, activity and engagement in your account, we use advertising campaigns with the purpose of «User Engagement»:

As you can see for yourself, the cost per engagement did not rise above $0.01, although it is much lower on most posts.

The result

SMM promotion of a business through a personal brand in social networks in general and Instagram in particular is a strategy that almost always pays off when promoting commercial projects. This is an opportunity to form a loyal audience using all the tools that Facebook advertising accounts and organic promotion tools provide us. In the case of Dmitry, a personal account has become not only a way to share mood or opinion with subscribers, but also a stable tool for attracting new customers – a direction for business growth in general.

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SMM of an Entrepreneur’s Personal Brand on Instagram
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