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Laravel Development

We will develop a project of any level of complexity, performance and scalability.

Laravel Development Laravel Development

Why We Choose Laravel

Laravel is a PHP framework — a set of tools and templates that greatly facilitate and speed up product development. A significant part of our projects was written in Laravel — and here’s why:

  • Rich Functionality and Customization. Laravel allows you to create projects of any level of complexity: from customized online stores to web applications or social networks. Thanks to the use of the PSR-4 standard, developers can build a complex layered architecture that will be tailored to the goals of your site and the needs of the user.
  • Easy Scalability. Using Laravel allows you to scale the project without any restrictions. You can turn a modest online store into a marketplace or an online portal that will process millions of requests per month. If the project is expected to grow in the future or significant improvements are expected, this framework will be the best choice.
  • Accelerated Development. Of course, developing on Laravel requires more time and resources than using a ready-made CMS. But if you need to implement complex functionality, Laravel will allow you to do it as quickly as possible — thanks to the structured code and the presence of many ready-made modules that do not burden the site (unlike WordPress).
  • Large Developer Community. And this means an active exchange of experience, detailed documentation and the constant development of new modules.

Case: Why Laravel is Better than Ready-Made CMS

Our team developed the website of the Bloggermall service, the first blogger exchange in Ukraine. Through this service, advertisers can find influencers with access to the right audience.

Initially, the project site was built on WordPress, but in the process it turned out that this CMS did not even meet the minimum requirements — with 7,000 bloggers in the directory, it could take a minute to issue a complete list.

The main reason was a poorly organized database structure. And WordPress itself did not allow it to be better.

We have decided to rewrite the site on Laravel. Not only the structure of the database was reorganized, but also the DBMS was replaced from MySQL to the more productive PostgreSQL. At the moment, the list of users is loaded in a second.



  • Business card website

    Custom design with complex UI elements and animations

    Ability to implement any business process

    High performance and fast page loading

    Easy scaling to a larger site or online service

  • Online store

    Unlimited expandability and scalability

    Any necessary functionality and full customization

    Implementation of multilingualism

    Integration with any payment services

  • Online service

    Thoughtful UI/UX design

    Implementation of a personal account

    Setting up user roles and rights

    API for integration with mobile applications and other services

    High level of protection against attacks of various kinds

Stages of Creating a Site

  • 01

    Discussion of the Idea

    Сlarification of needs and preparation of TOR

  • 02

    Prototype Creation

    Concept development and analysis of user scenarios

  • 03


    Development of a website layout based on the company's corporate style

  • 04


    Turning the layout from the designer into a working html code

  • 05


    Work on the functionality of the site, setting up modules

  • 06

    SEO Preparation

    Verification with the checklist for preparing the site for promotion

  • 07


    Сhecking the correct display of the site and its functionality

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Laravel Development
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