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iOS Application Development

We create unique applications according to the customer's vision. We will provide wide functionality, smooth operation and competent UX design.

iOS Application Development iOS Application Development

Creating Apps for iPhone and iPad

Your own mobile application will allow you to reduce the distance between the client and the service. Be always near by sending notifications about promotions or discounts. Help place orders by simplifying the process to two clicks. Collect detailed analytics to better understand the needs of your customers.

An iOS application will be useful for any line of business: an online store, a startup, a manufacturing enterprise or a service sector. With its help, you can profitably present products, increase the efficiency of business processes, and simplify communication with employees and customers. The Webnauts team will provide all the necessary functions for this.

Our applications will work successfully on iPhone and iPad of different generations. To create native applications for iOS, we use Swift, a programming language created by Apple. The React Native framework is used to develop cross-platform applications.

Case: Service for Booking Apartments

We have developed an app for Leev, a company specializing in the rental of premium apartments. According to the customer’s requirements, the application supports the following functionality:

  • search for luxury apartments in the capital city with a detailed description, location and photo;
  • booking accommodation and ordering additional services with the possibility of online payment;
  • remote control of the «smart home» system (opening/closing windows and doors, adjusting temperature, lighting, etc.);
  • reviews of real living experience;
  • voice control;
  • chatbot support.

Leev mobile application is implemented in the native programming language Swift. The mobile development process took 4 months, as the client was making parallel changes to the design and completed work on the backend of the site.


iOS App Development Cost

The estimated cost of developing an application for iOS is indicated. The final price is calculated and discussed with you based on the results of the initial audit.

  • Mini

    2-4 screens


    Without integrations with third-party services

  • Air

    5-10 screens


    Integrations with third-party services (API, payment systems, etc.)

    Authorization and registration

  • Pro

    5-10 screens


    Development of a backend integrated with third-party services (API, payment systems, etc.)

    Authorization and registration


Development Stages

  • 01


    We conduct a detailed analysis of the customer’s company and its business processes. We study the situation in the market, target audience needs, competitors’ solutions, international experience.

  • 02


    We plan the architecture of the app, write all the necessary functions of the product, draw screen prototypes and navigation schemes, create Roadmap for developers.

  • 03

    UI/UX design

    We create design of app screens, draw all possible states for different usage scenarios. We conduct usability tests to make sure that the solutions are affordable and ergonomic.

  • 04


    While writing code we implement all the previously conceived ideas bringing designs to life and introducing planned functionality.

  • 05


    We test the operation of the application on devices of different generations, install it on your devices. At this stage we process each user scenario, find any errors and correct them.

  • 06

    Publishing in App Store

    The application will be available for users to download and install after the Apple team check it (it may take 1-2 weeks).

  • 07

    Technical support (optional)

    We release new versions of the application, support and improve the product based on user feedback.

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We will discuss the idea of your application, answer your questions and make a preliminary estimate.

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iOS Application Development
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