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Social Media Management for Laser Hair Removal Studios on Instagram

About the project

In this case, we will talk about the results of SMM promotion of the EPI room laser epiation studio in Krivoy Rog. We have been working with the client since July 15, 2021. At the moment, the project has been worked on for 2.5 months. We started work from scratch. The objectives for our team were:

  • Create social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Pack profiles and make visuals relevant.
  • Attract clients to the procedure of laser hair removall.
  • Grow your account up to 10 thousand subscribers in 6-8 months.


The features of the project:

  • Strong price dumping by private masters. For our studio, whose price list is above the average for the city, this was a kind of challenge.
  • Many customers are spoiled by cheapness. The quality of the total number of applications reaches a maximum of 60% in the upsell.
  • It is critically important that the studio administrators are involved as much as possible in the processing of leads and their attraction to the first procedure in the salon.


How can target on Instagram help in promoting laser hair removal?

  • Attract first customers
  • Get subscribers
  • Return the first clients and close the deal with them for the course of laser hair removal

Account packaging

The visual of the account was developed based on the style of the studio itself. It was important that the profile look up-to-date, stylish, minimalistic and designed in the corporate colors of the salon. At the same time, the photos should maximally reveal the offer of the studio and sell its services.

We rejected the possibilities of template design, engaged a content photographer, developed references for shooting based on the content plan for the month.


Promotion features

Immediately after creating and filling the account of the laser cosmetology studio with the first 12 posts, we launched several ads with the following goals:

  • reach
  • traffic

There were no applications for the new page, and the number of subscribers practically did not increase. This was quite expected, since the audience simply does not have confidence in the new account. Therefore, to get the ball rolling at the launch stage, we brought in influencer marketing. After analyzing the capabilities of local bloggers, we built a chain of advertising integrations that would allow us to cover with the highest quality a larger number of solvent target audience.


To encourage a client to contact the EPI room, a generous discount of — 50% for the first visit was offered. Thus, the price for salon services turned out to be slightly below the market. Clients would be able to get acquainted with the new studio at a favorable price, be convinced of a qualitatively new approach to the laser hair removal procedure, and in the future get the entire course at full price.

For 1.5 weeks of advertising integration with bloggers, we managed to attract 1613 new subscribers and close the registration on laser hair removal for a promotional price for 2 weeks in advance.

Targeted advertising

After live subscribers appeared in the account, targeted advertising began to be productive. We tested the target for the following types of audience:

  • wide (women aged 18-50, living in Krivyi Rih)
  • with interests «Beauty salons» / «Hair removal»
  • with interests «Personal care» / «Fitness and sports»

The last group, in which women take care of themselves, go to the gym and take care of their body, received the biggest response. However, targeting a wide audience also gave quite tangible results, while the cost of a click differed slightly from a narrow audience. In our case, this is due to the fact that the total target audience of the salon in the city is only 140,000 people. With this amount, restrictions on interests hinder more than help.

The following advertising campaigns were put into operation:

  • quiz aimed at selling profitable packages for laser hair removal
  • aimed at receiving messages
  • aimed at traffic

Quiz did not live up to our expectations at all. For 1.5 weeks we received only 6 appeals, of which 5 were “broken”. At the same time, the advertising campaign did not work for messages. The decision was made to revise the budget, disable the quiz, and redirect funds to message acquisition campaigns. Having increased the daily budget for the advertising campaign of a message by only $ 2, we began to receive applications.

Targeting the TA of men

An additional line of work of the salon is men’s laser hair removal. Given the unpopularity and prejudice against this kind of cosmetic procedures from the male audience of Krivyi Rih, it was important not only to build a communication strategy, but also to find such interest groups in which the percentage of warm target audience would be maximum.

For two weeks, we tested several audiences:

  • wide — men 20-50 years old, living in Krivoy Rog;
  • narrow by interests — «Hair removal» / «Sugaring»;
  • narrow by interests — «Tattoos»;
  • narrow by interests «Sport» / «Healthy lifestyle» / «Personal care».

The most active were men interested in tattoos and sports. The advertising campaign aimed at messages turned out to be the most effective for them — in 1.5 weeks, more than 20 leads were generated. At the same time, it should be noted that the conversion of the male audience turned out to be significantly worse than that of the female one. After contacting Direct, a detailed consultation, potential customers took a break to «think». Active «warming up» of the audience with relevant content allowed to achieve 40% conversion.

Taking into account the «long-playing» specifics of attracting a male audience to the salon, we, together with the studio management, decided to temporarily focus on women.

Advertising campaign results

Today, Direct receives an average of 3-4 leads per day. Registration for laser hair removal is approximately 70% closed.

In addition, 20-30 new subscribers come from the target every day. For the period from September 1 to September 30, 532 new subscribers came to the page through the target.

The marginal cost per customer in this project is $4. We attract a lead at a price of $ 2.5, completely within the stated budget.

  • 4

    leads per day in targeted advertising

  • 532

    new subscribers for the last month of work

  • 70

    % of appointments for laser hair removal

  • 2

    dollar cost of a subscriber from advertising

To warm up this audience and close it for sale, we did the following:

  • created the audience «Interacted with the account — sent a message to Direct»
  • excluded those who  «interacted with the account — sent a message to Direct» from the general audience.

This made it possible to avoid the rapid burnout of advertising creatives. In addition, separating the audience «Interacted with the account — sent a message to Direct» opens up opportunities for us to set up high-quality retargeting.

We can more effectively «warm up» an audience that is already familiar with us with creatives that will cover their objections and thereby increase conversion. We are palnning:

  • to record expert mini-videos on behalf of the owner of the studio, which can be used in the advertising campaigns to «warm up», «Interacted with the account» and close the audience’s objections related to the price of the procedure, peculiarities of past experience of laser hair removal or lack of knowledge about this service.

In 2.5 months, we managed to achieve our goal of attracting customers and SMM promotion of the laser hair removal salon on Instagram as a whole. Assessing the growth rate of the audience, we can say that in 8 months we will be able to reach the desired 10 thousand live subscribers.

In addition, now a massage device has arrived at the studio, on which we are also starting a promotion. The visual of the feed is already prepared and the first ad campaigns have been launched.

Interested in promoting a laser hair removal studio on social networks?

We have successful cases that we can repeat in your particular case! Write to get a detailed SMM calculation and media plan in the next 24 hours.

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Social Media Management for Laser Hair Removal Studios on Instagram
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