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Website for the Car Selection Service

About the project

Cars.Moscow offers services for searching and inspecting used cars. All the customer has to do is to select the desired model, and the specialists will take care of all the problems connected with the selection of a car: They study the ads, contact the sellers and perform a full technical inspection. When the desired option is found, the company helps to conclude a contract and provides legal support.

We started with the development of a website for car selection, which should contain a detailed explanation of services and convince the customer to contact our client. The website was created from scratch on a turnkey basis: Our team was engaged in writing texts, design development, coding and programming.

Design and purpose of blocks

The website has a concise and consistent corporate identity that combines light shades of gray and red. The light texture in the background eliminates the feeling of empty space, and the bright, rounded buttons stand out clearly and make you want to click on them.

Traditionally, a landing page consists of several semantic blocks that guide the visitor through a certain scenario and at the end prompt them to order a service or leave their contacts. Here are the most important of them.

Description of services

The company offers 5 different services that are quite similar in name but different in content. In this context, it is necessary to explain each service and make it as accessible and compact as possible.

To solve the problem, we have placed hidden short descriptions behind the “accordion”: If the user wants, he can expand any of the items and read the details. This approach allows you not to overload the website with an abundance of text while maintaining the information content.


We have placed the tariffs not quite at the bottom of the page so that the users can quickly familiarize themselves with the content and price of the main services. For each of them, a detailed list of works is given, the price is highlighted in large print and an order button is placed. Thus, the visitor can quickly leave a request without having to additionally search for a contact form.


In this section, you will find 6 advantages in a nutshell, which should dispel possible concerns and convince the customer to apply.


The peculiarity of our customer’s service is that in most cases it pays off while haggling with the sellers. That is why, when creating a website for automatic selection, we modernized the standard block of ratings and highlighted in red the most important indicators: the initial, bargaining and the final price. Real photos of purchased cars were placed next to the text.

Blog as promoting tool

Blogging is an effective way to promote a website and gain an audience. Useful thematic material helps attract additional traffic from search engines and promote your services.

The website design includes a block of articles, and to start the project we wrote 3 materials on the most important topics. At the end of each article, there is a feedback widget, which is used to turn a visitor into a customer.


The landing page is fully responsive and works on mobile devices. The page dynamically adapts to any screen width and intelligently adjusts the display of texts and graphic elements. For example, in the tariff block, the list of works for each service is hidden behind the corresponding button, which is not available in the desktop version.



Informative, convenient, stylish – these are 3 characteristics of our result. The Cars.Moscow car selection website perfectly fulfills its functions, attracts the audience and convinces them to request the service.

Do you need a car selection website?

We have experience in developing such a landing! Contact us now to discuss the details and get a quote for the development.

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