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Implementation of the Correct Coding of the Site According to the Client’s Design

Speed, multifunctionality and multilingualism today are an indicator of a good and expensive site. Such products are better perceived by search robots and visitors — be it a business card site, a promo site or an online store.

Recently, occupying a big share of the total internet content among millions of the largest sites, the WordPress platform is steadily gaining weight in its market segment and becoming the most preferred CMS in the implementation of quality products.

That is why, when a new client approached us with his design layout and asked us to make correct coding, we offered him an implementation on the WordPress platform.

About the customer

Swiss Organic Partners is at the origins of the Alpinols brand of organic medical and cosmetic products made from cannabinoids. All Alpinols products are 100% made in Switzerland using certified organic cannabis extracts. In particular, what makes CBD special is that it is not psychoactive in its nature and has no side effects. Another advantage of cannabidiol is its medicinal properties and cosmetic effect.

The company strives to emphasize its pharmaceutical know-how and innovative approaches in the production of products intended for oncology, diseases of the central nervous system and cosmetology.

The objective

The customer already had a unique design in white and green that suited ideally for its purpose — to tell potential customers about the environmental friendliness and safety of their products.


/ 03

Our task was to make quality coding of the existing design, implement multilingualism, integrate payment by card and implement possibility to place an order both with registration and without it. In addition, it was necessary to ensure the functionality and speed of the site’s response.

Implementation of the project

Implementation in WordPress

As already mentioned above, the site is designed in natural colors, which is the closest to the feeling of sustainability and the natural origin of Alpinols products. We had to make a code that would logically fit into the overall concept of the customer.

The WordPress platform allows you to implement a design of any complexity.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. This CMS is the base of more than 35% of all sites on the Internet, and this number is constantly growing. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, they are supported by almost all hosting providers. However, dedicated WordPress hosting plans can greatly improve the speed, performance, and reliability of any site.

So, as a result, we have a product with a main page that logically leads the customer from general information about the company to the final products that the company sells both wholesale and retail. At the top of the main page there is an introductory video showing the main activities of the company: careful cultivation and responsible collection of raw materials from which all the company’s products are subsequently made.

In addition, the WooCommerce module was used, which is ideal for creating online stores using elements such as product categories, product cards, and a shopping cart.


The site has been divided into the following logical blocks:

  • Information about Alpinols products for wholesale and retail
  • About Alpinols
  • Information about the production of cannabis extract for production of own product
  • Medical information about medicinal cannabis
  • Block «About us»
  • Block «For the customer»
  • Block «Contacts»

Thanks to this division, the client will be able to easily navigate the site and not waste time looking for information.

Technical implementation


A multilingual site is a web resource adapted for users from different countries. The presence of high-quality translated versions of the site indicates the high level and purposefulness of the company, its concern for users, and also allows you to talk about your advantages, technologies, products and services to a wider audience.

In our case, in addition to German, the site was implemented in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish.

This feature was implemented using the Polylang language switching plugin.

Polylang is an open source tool that allows you to quickly create multilingual WordPress websites. Its difference from plug-ins with incorrect automatic translation is that it allows you to upload your own correct translation into the desired language. As our practice shows, this attracts a wider range of potential customers to the site due to the fact that the languages ​​switch easily and quickly, while all the text remains correct and readable in any language.

Integrated card payment at checkout

This integration was implemented using the Saferpay system.

Saferpay is a Swiss payment system that provides internet processing services and accepts payments with Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club International bank cards. The payment service supports 3-D Secure technology.

The main advantage for the client is the ability to pay in local currency due to dynamic currency conversion and the absence of problems with PCI, since card data is not stored in the store.

Also, for greater convenience of customers, the mechanics of placing an order with and without registration on the site were implemented.

Development of a block of reviews

To develop this block, the Strong Testimonials plugin was used.

Thanks to Strong Testimonials, you can easily organize an arbitrary connection with visitors who can easily share their impressions about the goods and services of the online store.

Features include:

  • creation of any fields — the tool resembles a constructor;
  • clear interface;
  • easy integration with shortcodes into blog pages;
  • creating widgets;
  • quick tool update.


Traditionally, sites, and especially online stores, made on the WordPress platform with the WooCommerce module face the problem of loading speed. Since this is often connected with the approach to product development, we managed to achieve the high performance of a web resource with the help of the correct coding and the optimal use of all available tools.

In our case, we were able to ensure that on desktop devices and on mobile devices, the site was in the green zone of performance.


/ 02

The results

After completing the site coding according to the customer’s design, we got the following result:

  • intuitive site logic;
  • speed and rationality of the organization of all blocks;
  • customers were able to pay for their order by card;
  • it is possible to place an order without registering on the site;
  • multilingualism has significantly expanded the customer base of Swiss Organic Partners.

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