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Development of an Online Crane Calculator

About the project

We were contacted by the company «Atlant», which produces cranes designed for the most difficult working conditions. For 7 years, «Atlant» has been producing and selling cranes, hoists, electric hoists, crane runways and monorails, and also offers installation, design and repair work. The company uses domestic and imported (German and Bulgarian) components to create crane units.

For customers, «Atlant» offers a comprehensive service – from assistance in the selection of equipment to maintenance of already manufactured lifting equipment systems.


The task is to create an online calculator for calculating the cost of a crane, which would help the client independently, without the participation of a manager, choose the right crane and find out the cost. In turn, the company must receive a lead (contact details of the client). We worked in this direction.


We have developed a calculator that, unlike pseudo-calculators, is really capable of calculating the cost of equipment online. Most often, such calculators on the network request all the necessary data, but do not give the result, and the company manager already contacts the client to announce the cost and persuade them to buy. Naturally, this approach repels many buyers.

We have created a real calculator that really gives the desired result. The client also needs to enter contact details, but in return they receive an approximate calculation of the cost of the equipment they are interested in.

In the calculation of the cost, we included all the necessary parameters of the equipment: type, purpose, load capacity, span / outreach and lifting height. Also, as part of filling in the fields of the calculator, you can select additional options.

In the calculator, you can calculate the cost for three types of cranes: a beam crane, a single-girder overhead crane and a jib crane. Depending on the type of crane, the cost calculator contains the types of crane – each has its own.

On the same page where the calculator is located, there are fields of the form for contact information. That means, the fact that you need to provide your contacts is not a secret and is immediately clear to those who fill out the form. Everything happens «without surprises» — as transparently as possible.

You need to provide an email address, name and phone number. You can leave additional comments if you wish.

The calculator has a number of mandatory parameters, without which it is impossible to perform a calculation — the user learns about this from simple and understandable tips that are hard to miss. Additional options, although they affect the calculation, are optional.

To make a calculation, you must agree to the terms of data processing and storage. There is also a link to the user agreement.

Important! We initially set all prices in euros, so the administrator can change the final prices based on the exchange rate of the European currency — after all, the cost of equipment is «tied» to it. Considering that the exchange rate is constantly changing, such adjustments save time for content managers, and also make prices in rubles more accurate and up-to-date.

Of course, the calculation is approximate, but this is exactly what a user who is just thinking about buying a crane needs to see. This information is written on the calculator page. Additional cost changes are discussed in a chat with the manager or by phone.

The finished estimate is sent to the client by e-mail. It not only indicates the final approximate cost of the equipment, including VAT, but also the parameters entered when filling out the calculator, as well as the terms of delivery. This is an additional convenience for the user — they can find an estimate at any time, send it to partners or employees, etc.


In general, we received a working calculator for an approximate calculation of the cost of the most common industrial cranes from «Atlant». The calculator is convenient both for the administrator — the representative of the company, and for the buyer. We can develop these and easier/ more complex calculators for any product or service in industry, repair, or other business sectors.

Do you want to order the development of a calculator for the site?

We are ready to develop a calculator for calculating the cost of your products with sending the cost by e-mail, and contact details of the client to your managers.

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