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Website Development of the Crypto Bank

About the project

CoinPay is a Ukrainian crypto bank, which is a payment platform with crypto processing and exchange of UACB, the first token in the Ukrainian market backed by military bonds. Our client is a technology partner of the UACB release and continues to create innovations that change the crypto market. It is quite logical that in the field of development, the company does not tolerate hackneyed patterns and standard solutions. Just like us.

The task

CoinPay entered the project with its front-end team, a ready-made design concept and clear expectations for an impressive result — a finely tuned website with a page builder inside the admin panel.

Since front-end development remained with the client, we faced another task — to introduce the ability to implement custom blocks on the site. This feature will allow CoinPay developers to independently create and add new blocks and pages to the site.

Due to the fact that in the future the client plans to develop its network through the sale of franchises, their particular requirement was product packaging and the ability to quickly install new copies of the site on different servers.

Admin panel constructor

When it comes to complex projects, we choose Laravel development. It is a powerful PHP framework with limitless possibilities that allows you to implement non-standard solutions for large-scale projects. For example, to completely personalize the site according to the client’s requests, which we actually did. Taking a ready front-end as a basis, we customized the site’s admin panel, turning it into a convenient block constructor. As a result, the client can assemble the site like Lego by moving and editing blocks of pages:

We did not just create a website constructor, but gave the client the opportunity to independently introduce custom blocks, filling them with the necessary elements (text, image, buttons) and even changing the coding. This means that CoinPay front-end developers will be able to add new blocks and pages to the site without turning to the services of a back-end developer:

We also took care of the convenience of content managers and added an image gallery to the site admin panel. Now the administrator can download all the necessary pictures in advance and easily fill the site with visual content:

Website containerization

We have developed the server part of the site with the prospect of scaling the business through franchising. When the process is set up, CoinPay franchise buyers will get a user-friendly website, and our client will be able to easily and quickly deploy copies of it on new servers. To do this, we packaged the product in a special container shell and connected all the backend functionality using Docker Compose technology. Thus, we have scaled the ready-made web solution, and now each new franchisee will be able to use the CoinPay website, packaged in a separate container with its own working environment on a different server.


We implemented the multilingualism of the site from scratch — without any compromises in the form of plug-ins or automatic translation. As a result, the client can not only edit existing languages, but also add new ones:

Additional features

SEO friendly

In order for the site to be “liked” by search engines, we made its initial settings: we added semantic markup, a robots.txt exclusion standard, and a sitemap file that contains information about pages and thus simplifies their indexing:


This section of the site is important not only for demonstrating expertise, but also for the abovementioned SEO. A blog with useful articles attracts additional target audience and thereby improves the position of the site in the search. Note that thanks to the convenient block structure of the blog, posting articles will not be difficult:

The results

Our knowledge and experience was enough to create a powerful cryptoplatform backend without compromise. We have developed a user-friendly website builder, tailored to the requirements of the business. To do this, we did not just customize the administrative panel, but created opportunities for customizing the site in the future, which the client’s front-end team can easily handle. On top of that, the site is multilingual and optimized for search engines.

Do you want to create a website with a simple, flexible and functional control panel?

We have developed dozens of high-load projects and are eagerly looking for new, large-scale and non-standard tasks.

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