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Development and Redesign of the Website for the Design Organization

About the project

The previous site of the «Basis-KR» company was developed using one of the popular online designers that offer quick site creation using ready-made templates. However, platform dependency and limited functionality led to the decision to develop the site from scratch.

We completely rewrote the site, added multilingualism, updated the design and content. Since the «Basis-KR» website is a one-page landing, its development didn’t take us a long time.

The process

The new version of the site is developed on Vue.js and Node.js. The redesign was carried out with full preservation of the content, including the order and purpose of infoblocks.

First screen

In the first version of the site, the first screen was clearly divided into three parts: the title, the image, and the feedback form. In the new version, we have focused on visual design: illustrations take up most of the screen, thin lines refer to drawing documentation, and the white background color has been replaced by a warm yellow tint.

Types of project documentation

The project documentation developed by the company can be divided into 3 categories: urban planning, engineering support and security. Previously, this information was presented as a continuous canvas, but now a corresponding tab is dedicated to each section. Each service is highlighted with a subtitle and indents, which makes it easier to read the text.

Finished projects

In the new version of the design, examples of completed work are shown as a grid. This placement allows you to showcase more work within a single screen without sacrificing image size.

About the company

Although the content of the infoblock remains the same, we have completely changed the feed. Now the text about the company is fixed in width and easier to read, numerical indicators stand out better, and the main thesis is enlarged and presented separately.


This information block was absent in the previous version of the site. We have added the ability to place not only text reviews, but thank you letters and letterheads. So the user can verify the authenticity of certain reviews.

Implementation of multilingualism

For the convenience of customers and compliance with the legislation of Ukraine, the site was translated into 2 more languages: Ukrainian and English. Switching occurs instantly, without refreshing the page and changing the URL.

The summary

The project was written from scratch using modern frameworks, which made it possible to significantly increase the download speed and introduce multilingualism. We also completely updated the visual style, organizing the presentation of content in a more visual and accessible way.

Do you need a bright, practical, modern website for a design organization or for another business?

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