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Brochure Website for the Installation of Solar Panels

About the project

Foton Tech is a Polish company providing comprehensive solar panel installation and connection services. The company’s business card website was developed several years ago: during that time, the design was significantly outdated and needed to be updated. Webnauts team was commissioned with a complete redesign, developing a business card website while keeping the content, adding multilingualism (Polish + German), and increasing the page conversion.

What the website looked like before the work started

When switching to the old version, the visitor was met with a typical ten-year-old design:

  • the website did not adapt to the width of the screen and took a narrow section in the middle of the screen;
  • there was no mobile version;
  • standard fonts were used, and headings were highlighted only by bold;
  • outdated use of skeuomorphism: «volumetric» website menu, paper simulation on the project page, website design «in a frame».

Complete redesign

We created a completely new and individual design for the company’s website, keeping the structure and logic of the pages. Thanks to a simple color scheme, legible fonts and visual highlighting of headings, the perceptual quality of the website has increased. On extensive pages, the content is no longer presented in the format of a «text sheet», but is visually divided into understandable semantic blocks.

Now the website adapts to any screen resolution on any device. When opened on a computer, it occupies the entire width of the screen, which makes it very convenient to view examples of the company’s projects. The only exception is the text, which is in a narrow column to maintain readability.

On mobile devices, the website menu is hidden behind a hamburger button, and text and images adjust in width to be displayed comfortably.


Our client has many customers from Germany, so the website needed to be available in two languages: Polish and German. Since the website platform is multilingual, we used the multilingual plugin.

With it, we copied all the content, which was then translated into German. This way we were able to reduce the weight of the website and stay within the same domain. Moreover, both language versions are conveniently operated from the same administration panel.


/ 02

Conversion tools

The first and easiest solution was to put the company contacts in the header of the website. Now the visitor has the company’s phone number and email address available on every page. If he wants to order a callback, we placed the corresponding button in the footer of the website.


/ 02

However, the most important tool is the rate calculator, which allows you to calculate the cost of equipment and installation. To do this, the user must specify 3 parameters:

  1. the annual electricity consumption of the household;
  2. the direction of the roof slope (south, east, west);
  3. material of roofing (metal tile, ceramic tile, etc.).

After clicking the «Calculate» button, the calculator displays the approximate cost of the final work and a feedback form below. Regardless of the selected location, the cost is calculated in PLN.


/ 02


Our team managed to breathe new life into the website: A fresh design improves convenience and easy perception of information, the introduction of multilingualism expands the potential customer base, and the rate calculator is designed to improve the quality of applications and attract maximum leads.

Are you interested in website development in Polish or German?

For us, it is not a problem. We work with many languages, formats, and platforms. Write to us if you need a redesign/update of a morally outdated website or website development from scratch and on a turnkey basis.

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