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About the project

AVOCADO CLINIC is our client from Kremenchuk, a modern dental clinic that relies on the use of innovative technologies, a high level of professionalism and quality of services. AVOCADO CLINIC has been on the market for 10 years and during this time specialists have helped more than 20 thousand patients. It's time for us to help the clinic and create a cool product for it - a dentistry website with an individual design. About how it was, and what solutions we proposed and implemented, read below.


The objective

We were given the task of creating a business card website for a premium class dental clinic. The overall structure of the site should reflect the quality of services, and the color scheme should match the finished company logo. Also, our task included basic SEO-optimization of the site for local Google issuance.



A team of our specialists has developed a website according to the aim. And the first thing we focused on is individual design.We have created a custom grid to make the site look modern and elite. The emphasis of the clinic is premium services, and the best tools to emphasize this are the big elements.

Among other things, when developing and creating layouts, we used large informative photographs to attract the user's attention. We selected from the clinic's photo bank those photos that are able to establish connections and associations with the main values ​​of Avocado Clinic - premium quality, care of patients, safety and comfort. Photos play the main role of quickly perceived content: the client will receive what he sees on the screen. And this is: healthy and happy smile, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere of the clinic. This visual technique has long proven itself as an aid to successful sales.


A large photo in web design is already an established norm, but our designers understand that photos alone are not enough for a winning result. More importantly, the rest of the elements are harmoniously arranged. So, for example, in the background you can see an image of a tooth (as a picture) — this is a small reference to the theme of the site.


The color scheme is selected in accordance with the ready-made logo provided to us. Turquoise often appears in the list of trending colors for web design, and this color has proven itself in the psychology of the influence of color on website conversion — it works effectively when selling specialized services, especially in the medical and aesthetic fields.


When developing the clinic's website, it was important to focus on the service of total prosthetics «Full Total», because. this is a flagship service that not all competitors can boast of. This is a complete smile rehabilitation and replacement of lost/extracted teeth. The service is mentioned on the main page of the site several times along with the cost in order to attract the attention of the client and gain his trust.


We also used creative motion design as one of the important components of UX. Animation creates the feeling that the action is being completed faster than usual, and this makes the site even more modern, showing the user that their time, even spent on the site, is valued here. All moving elements not only attract attention, but also make visible the conceptual connection between page elements.

All micro-interactions are short and purposeful. We moved away from robotic linear animation from point A to point B and used more interesting transitions.


It seems that a site with an abundance of large elements is difficult to adapt to devices with a small screen. But it is the enlargement that plays into the hands of the mobile version of the site — these are both large buttons and a readable font. We also saved animation and all the most important sections of the site for smartphone users.


SEO optimization

The «Semantic Team» of Webnauts optimized the site for search engines: we assembled the semantic core and thought out the site structure taking into account SEO queries, prescribed the necessary headings, loaded the XML map for proper indexing. We also made all the necessary indexing settings in the robots.txt file in order to “tell” search engines which pages to crawl.

We are sure that in the conditions of low regional competition, the performed optimization actions will ensure that the site gets into the TOP-10 for a number of queries. And without significant investments in SEO. The effect of the described actions is expected in a few months - we will definitely share it with you in future cases.

Other features

Useful articles

We have added a blog to the site structure to post useful articles on dental topics for additional SEO optimization. Also, the articles on the site are additional «weights» on the scale of decision-making in favor of treatment or diagnosis.


Unobtrusive interface

We decided not to use pop-up contact forms, leaving the decision on the appointment to the user. For communication, we have implemented the «Free ONLINE consultation» button at the top of the screen.

At the bottom of the site, we added a simple «Contact Us» form with three fields and one button — it turned out to be as simple and unobtrusive as possible.


The team

In the «About us» section and on the main page of the site, you can find a photo and description of the clinic team with full name. We didn’t use stock photos of dentists with a Hollywood «cold» smile, but real photos of the clinic team — simple and not staged, in a working atmosphere. All this gives the brand a human face, which is characterized by such features as sincerity, self-irony, frankness and others.



We decided not to hide the merits of each individual member of the Avocado Clinic team, but to bring awards and documents to a prominent place. Such decisions are made not to boast, but to form additional trust and loyalty of the client. «We operate transparently and legally. You have nothing to fear. Professionals are with you» — this is what the «Certificates» block is about.



We got a concise, not overloaded with unnecessary information, well micro-animated site with high-quality typography and thought-out composition. The color scheme, transparent price list and unobtrusiveness complete the formation of a pleasant impression of the site.

All our work was aimed at making the user feel trustful, safe and clean, and for them to understand that they are on a site with premium and expensive dental services.

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