Online store of accessories for mobile phones

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A few words about the project

The online store of modern accessories for electronics has been our regular customer since 2014. Over the years, we have developed a warm and trusting relationship with the customer, so we are happy to tell everyone about how we carry out a comprehensive promotion of this site, paying attention to several areas at once, among which we can note: SEO, crowd marketing, SMM, site speed optimization , content, usability improvement.

This online store has been maintaining its leading positions in many highly competitive queries in Ukraine for a long time and continues to strengthen its positions in search engines. All this is thanks to the well-coordinated work of our «Webnauts» team, from designers to copywriters.

How to achieve good results in search promotion for the Ukrainian region, how to promote an online store website, how much it costs and much more: all these you will learn from this case.

Features of promoting an online store in the region "Ukraine"

The key to the success of any online store lies in its comprehensive promotion, which we successfully demonstrated using the example of Bilka. Over several years of fruitful cooperation, we tried many different ways of promotion, but the main efforts and budget were eventually directed to long-term «slow» methods, the results of which were gradually displayed in increasing the traffic of the resource from organic search.

This method is the most time-consuming and costly, but also more reliable, because in this case the site confidently takes its positions and will not lose them even if the development of the project is suspended.

The peculiarity of promoting the site of an online store in the region «Ukraine» is that after the deterioration of the political situation and the ban on the use of many Russian resources and services (primarily this applies to the Yandex search engine), Ukrainian users prefer to look for answers to their questions in Google, therefore, the main emphasis in the promotion of the online catalog of accessories for mobile devices «Bilka» was placed precisely on this search engine.

It's no secret that Yandex and Google have different algorithms for the distribution of resource positions for a particular request, so the promotion of this online store is aimed at meeting Google's requirements in the first place. After blocking in Yandex (May 2017), the share of visitors from this service decreased to 5% of the total, although the popularity of the Russian service used to be very high in Ukraine (see chart).


A comprehensive approach to promoting an online store

Our SEOs and copywriters from Webnauts are constantly working to increase the attractiveness of the site not only for search engines, but also for visitors. We are regularly engaged in the creation of high-quality materials; in our list of priority work, SEO-optimization of the site occupies the first position. Among the most important procedures, the following is worth noting:

  • creating SEO texts and meta tags in all sections of the site;
  • filling out cards for new and existing products;
    writing competent SEO texts for static pages;
  • creating a sitemap;
  • creation and regular updating of the «News» section with relevant thematic materials;
  • setting up the fastest indexing of new pages;
  • integration with monitoring and optimization services of Google;
  • adding an online store to all major business directories;
  • optimization of code and images to speed up loading speed.

Features of filling the online store

An important factor in ranking an online store in search engines, including Google, is the quality content of the site. First of all, you need to pay attention to the main sections, resource categories, static pages, optimize not only meta tags, but also other textual information on each page.

Most online stores in Ukraine have filters in their product catalogs that help you quickly find the right product, compare and buy it. It is very important to organize SEO-optimization of these filters so that a potential buyer can find what they want in just one click from organic search.


Link building, link profile

One of the most important factors for the successful promotion of an online store in Ukraine is link building. And it should be good quality and natural. Since no one promotes online stores exclusively with natural links, we also used some tricks, among which crowd marketing is one of the most successful and effective methods of obtaining targeted visitors and natural links.

There are several people among the Webnauts staff who develop and maintain profiles on specialized forums on various topics. Depending on the tasks set, they make hidden advertising, describe the positive aspects of a particular site, store, advise, share their opinions and recommendations. Promotion through crowd marketing has proven itself in absolutely all areas, including electronics, accessories for which are successfully sold on the website

Article promotion also does a great job of building backlinks. This method has always been and remains one of the most effective, because you can choose which pages of the promoted site will have links, in which text (you can write it yourself), on which specific site they will be placed. It all depends primarily on the size of the budget, but even inexpensive links from articles will have a very positive effect on the attitude of search engines to the site.

Natural links speak for themselves, they are indirectly related to promotion, because they are an indicator of the quality of the site and its relevance in the selected category. In other words, if the online store is good, the site is fast and convenient for buyers, they will talk about it, reviews will scatter over the Internet, thereby increasing the number of natural backlinks. This is a nice bonus that every high-quality and optimized site receives. This factor increases the motivation to create a good online store, such as, for example,

Social media also have a big influence on positions in search engines, so we pay a lot of attention to the development of store profiles in popular networks. Backlinks in this case serve as a source primarily of the target audience, which has a positive effect on the overall picture of the behavioral factors of the online store


Responsiveness, usability

Effective promotion of an online store today cannot do without adaptive layout and universal design. More than half of potential customers access search engines through their mobile devices (see statistics on the image), so the site should work correctly on absolutely all known display resolutions. We solved this problem successfully and looks great on any gadget, as evidenced not only by satisfied customer reviews, but also by screenshots next to this text.

Since behavioral factors are very important in the promotion of any Internet resource, we also tried our best in the case of Bilka — our designers have developed an excellent interface, which we regularly refine and make better, taking into account customer reviews.


Online store «Bilka» has been one of the best regular customers of «Webnauts» for several years, because it allows from the very beginning of our cooperation to use as many ways in promoting the resource as possible, which greatly facilitates achieving results. Over the years, we have done a lot of important and useful work, we continue to modernize and improve this online store. And even if the cost of such promotion is much higher, an integrated approach gives reason not to doubt the results, which are reflected in the growth of profits and increase in the growth of visitors (see the chart below)

The price of our services is justified by such results and we hope that SEO promotion of an online store in Ukraine will be of interest to many business owners and they will turn to real professionals in their field.

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