A team of fixers providing services for organizing the work of foreign journalists in Ukraine

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About the project and task

Fixers is a Ukrainian team of fixers and military journalists who are engaged not only in creating news stories, but also in organizing the most comfortable work of foreign press teams in Ukraine: from meeting at the airport to organizing filming in the hottest spots.

To tell about their activities, the team lacked a minimalistic, presentable and budget-friendly website / landing page in English. Webnauts is always open and ready to give organizations and brands what they want. Especially if you have to deal with such serious, respectable and special projects as Fixers.


Technological solution

CMS WordPress

For a one-page site, the WordPress CMS is the best — one of the most popular platforms due to its security, ease of use and unlimited possibilities. Convenient setup, search engine optimization, integration with payment services are just some of the advantages that make us choose WordPress. Moreover, the platform is used by such giants as The New Yorker, Reuters, TechCrunch, Fortune and many other major media outlets. We are sure that this will be a good sign for the Fixers team, especially in the near peaceful future.

But it is not only about symbolism: the Webnauts team did a good job to get an impressive result. After all, WordPress is not always about creating a template site without code, especially if the customer has a ready-made unique design. Therefore, when developing the site, we used languages such as HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.

Website design and navigation

As you already understood, the site was developed in full compliance with the design provided by the client. The minimalistic design of the interface looks like a page of an authoritative magazine: only high-quality photos, contrasting headlines and text about the main thing presented as columns. The site palette is dominated by white and black colors, including animation: all effects are limited to changing colors when hovering over buttons. With all this, the design of the site does not look simple, but rather bold in its simplicity.

First screen

The first screen greets visitors with a professional photograph of a reporter in front of explosions, which emphasizes the theme of the site and is especially touching with its caption: «photo provided by Max Levin», a Ukrainian journalist who died in the war.


An unusually large letter logo and a slightly smaller slogan reinforce the main photo and serve as the beginning of an intriguing story. Finally, the visitor needs to pay attention to the miniature menu of three sections: «Services», «Team», «Contacts».

Contrast in typography

As you can see, the interface design is dominated by size contrast: photos and headlines, along with other elements, are not at all shy about their massiveness and are even proud of their importance.

When it comes to typography, there is also the contrast of weights: bold text stands out against the background of text with a thinner font of the same style. This technique eliminates any need to «smear» content across multiple sections. Everything is already very clear: on the left is the history of the team, on the right is the list of services, and at the bottom is the conversion button:


For the headings, a stylish Chakra Petch square font with rounded corners was used. The font choice was symbolic, as it is great for digital and print media. In addition, it is associated with masculinity and stamina. Body text has a thinner, easier-to-read sans-serif font.

Our clients

This block turned out to be super concise and laconic, although it is not inferior in importance to other sections of the site and naturally continues the history of the team, confirming its professionalism. It's just that the names of the world's famous media, with which Fixers cooperate, do not need to be introduced. They are comfortably and with no extra words placed along the screen in two horizontal lines:


In addition, the photos of the next section, which can be seen here, make the user understand that there is still content further — realistic, natural, and therefore even more interesting.

Authentic introduction to the team

The site block introducing us to the team turned out to be stylish and authentic. Three photos of fixers, placed in full screen, not only attract attention, but also inspire confidence. After all, the pictures were taken in real war conditions in the performance of professional duties of each of the team members:

In addition, a casual form of acquaintance in the form of a simple greeting and a name is captivating. In a smaller font, in just a few words, we learn about the specialization of team members. And as soon as our gaze drops down at the smaller gray text, the unreasonable modesty of the fixers reaches its climax. Because here we are not just getting acquainted with the list of world-famous media, but we can also follow active links to specific articles, the appearance of which became possible thanks to the cooperation of these media with the Fixers team.

Without a doubt, such an acquaintance has every chance of turning into a sincere and strong relationship with the audience.


All ways to contact the fixers are given in the footer of the site, visually divided into two parts: the yellow one contains contacts, and the black one invites the user to leave their email to subscribe to company news:



All blocks and elements of the site automatically adjust to the display of absolutely any size. That is why the site looks great on all devices: computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Site functionality

Admin panel

The WordPress admin panel is a treat of its own: it fits on one screen, and content management is not only pleasant, but also ridiculously easy. All fields of the admin panel are quickly and conveniently edited. Take a look for yourself:


/ 02


These are WordPress tools that can enhance the site's capabilities depending on the specific needs of the company. By the way, some of them became the reason for the super convenient admin panel, which we praised above. So, in this project we used the following plugins:

  • Contact Form 7 (CF7) — to provide feedback to site visitors.
  • SVG Support — for integrating SVG images on the site.
  • WP File Manager — for quick access to files from the admin menu.
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) — for quickly editing site content in one simple menu.


The Fixers project is the clearest example of how a simple and serious site can bring truly aesthetic pleasure and undoubted trust. The modesty and rigor of the design brings Its Majesty the content to the forefront — authentic photos, well-aimed headlines, well known names and real facts. This is how design layouts, sprinkled with the sweat of our developers, turned into a tangible, stylish and adaptive landing page for media fixer services in Ukraine.

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