International consulting company

Management and restructuring of inefficient enterprises

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A task

Enercor, an international consulting company specializing in the management and restructuring of inefficient enterprises, approached us with the task of developing a corporate website. At the time of the request, the client already had a desktop website design with infoblocks reflecting:

  • mission and benefits,
  • the range of services provided,
  • team composition and completed projects,
  • news, vacancies and company contacts with an application form for consultations.

What we had to do was the development — to breathe life into the project and present a modern, functional and adaptive website to the client. Read about how we did it in our case.

Technological solutions

When developing the site, we used CMS WordPress — one of the most popular platforms. It is good because in the future the client will be able to easily manage the content of the site: add web pages and place text, images and videos even without the help of a developer. WordPress also allows you to scale the site in the future — for example, add a blog or other additional features.

Website coding

Our front-end developer was faced with the task of turning images into code using HTML, CSS (using the SCSS syntax of the Sass preprocessor) and JS. In his work he also used one of the modern coding techniques — Grid. What is it? Grid coding allows you to create responsive pages for any type of device and position elements on the site correctly — text, photo, video, or any other HTML block.


The implementation of modal windows on the Projects page was interesting: when you click on a case, an easy-to-read card with information appears on the screen:


The task of bringing web pages to life with the help of animations was also fascinating. For example, when scrolling the page, the slightest movement of the mouse or touching the touchpad, you can get really carried away with the original effect of the cursor following. The decorative airdrop cursor was implemented using the GSAP JavaScript library, or GreenSock Animation Platform, a popular scripted web animation toolkit:


Front-end development took 170 hours, including edits from the client. To speed up the work and competently prepare the project for release, our front-end developer used the Gulp project assembler, a tool for automating tasks (minification, testing, file merging, etc.), written in the JavaScript programming language.

Website functionality

The development of the server part of the site took 126 hours. In the course of the work, a complex structure of transitions between sections was implemented through many anchor and simple internal links. This means that when clicking on the link, the user goes not only to the desired page, but also to a part of it that is relevant in meaning:


Thus, the Services section reflects the company's activities with links to separate pages, where each service is described in more detail:


On the services page, there is an Expertise block with a list of key areas in which the company specializes. Paragraphs of the same name in the description of the expertise of each team member also lead to this block. In the future, the client plans to link these points also with specific projects of the company.


The Projects section is a catalog of completed projects of the company of 2 types: with brief information presented as a card and with a full description of the case in the form of a separate web page:


The Team section presents all team members with a photo, a short description, expertise and a link to the city. Clicking on one of the cards takes the user to a page with more detailed information, which contains a link to the LinkedIn profile and a list of financial and economic publications where experts have been published:


The Vacancies section contains the company's job offers, as well as a form which enables to send a resume even if there are no vacancies:


The News section of the site displays publications as a gallery, loaded from the company's profile on LinkedIn. The ability to embed this type of content on the site was implemented using the Tagembed social media aggregator:


The Contacts section contains the contact details of the company and a convenient form for contacting a specific representative office:


In order to expand the capabilities of the site, the following popular WordPress plugins were used:

  • Yoast SEO is a SEO management tool that helps visitors and search engines get the most out of your site.
  • ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) — for full control over edit screens and custom field data.
  • CF7 (Contact Form 7) — for managing contact forms on the site and flexible configuration of the content of forms and mail.
  • WP Mail SMTP — to fix email deliverability issues via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) - the industry standard for sending emails.

To protect the site from spam, reCAPTCHA v3 technology was used, installed through an extension from the above-mentioned CF7 plugin.

In addition to the catalog of plugins, WordPress has ample opportunities for customization — flexible site customization for client requests: changing the layout, adding various options, etc. So, our backender additionally created:

  • custom post types for Team and Projects sections;
  • custom taxonomies for the Services section, which in turn is linked to the Projects section, and for the cities block linked to the employees of the Team section.

As a result, the client can independently change the visual elements of the site: the order of menu items, the order of blocks, projects, team members, etc.

By the way, remember our amazing decorative cursor? The client could not decide on its color for a long time, so the developer added a color palette for the cursor to the admin panel. Now the client will be able to manage its appearance independently, without the help of a programmer.


As we wrote earlier, Enercor came to us with desktop layouts. Therefore, our frontender also took care of the convenience of the visitors of the future site, intelligently adapting layouts for mobile devices. If you visit the site from a smartphone or tablet, then you will see that it will be as convenient to perceive text and visual information as it is from a computer screen.


Presentation of the company

Another task, this time for the design department, was the presentation of Enercor. The visual design is fully consistent with the corporate identity of the company: colors, fonts and corporate symbols are consistent. 28 slides are full of peculiar elements in the form of neural networks, and the entire array of information is conveniently and clearly structured. The business tone of the narrative is softened by unobtrusive animation that will capture and hold the attention of the audience:



The completed Enercor project and our experience in developing a corporate website for consulting services on WordPress proves once again that the web site of an international consulting company can be fun and harmoniously combine serious information with smooth animation and captivating decorative elements. Add to that a structured animated presentation and you have another powerful marketing tool.

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