3D printing services

3D printing services for the production of prototypes or finished products.

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About the project

3Form is a Ukrainian company providing 3D modeling and 3D printing services. Its products are applicable in the field of architecture, medicine, automotive production and jewelry. At the same time, the company produces not only piece copies, but also entire batches of samples for production.

We were tasked with creating a business card site that would effectively present the company's services. At the request of the client, the main focus should be on design and visual storytelling. The development of the site was carried out on a turnkey basis: we were responsible for creating a corporate identity, filling the site with content and conducting basic SEO.

Unique corporate identity

In accordance with the client's request, we did not use ready-made WordPress templates, but developed a custom design from scratch. Since the company offers 3D printing services, volume has become a key idea in the design: in addition to 3D illustrations, shadows and layering of elements on top of each other are actively used in the interface. This technique creates a sense of space, combining depth and plane.


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But the matter was not limited only to volume: thanks to the skillful use of animations, our designers managed to make the site «alive». Interactive interface elements are designed taking into account the response to the movement of the mouse cursor. Such a light background animation does not distract from the content, while creating a tangible effect of presence.

The only exception was the main page, where a demonstration of the 3D printing process immediately grabs all the attention.

The logo, also created by our designer, also refers to the 3D printing process. The letter «O» seems to come out from under the extruder, fixed on the axis of the 3D printer.


Filling the site with content

The 3Form website consists of only 4 pages: main, «3D printing», «3D modeling», «Contacts». On the service pages, we have placed the most important information that will help convince visitors to contact our client.

  • Description of the technologies used. Assists in the selection of the appropriate printing technology, determining the pricing policy for a specific order.
  • Work examples. A clear demonstration of the level of professionalism.
  • Stages of work. Building the right expectations from cooperation with the company.
  • Detailed price. Informs about current prices depending on the material and accuracy of the product.

    Thus, each semantic block responds to the specific needs of the user, prompting them to place an order.

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Online application for calculation

Often a convenient solution for service sites is a built-in online calculator that allows you to calculate the exact cost of services in advance. This feature increases user confidence by making pricing more transparent. It also saves a lot of time when placing an order.

We had already developed such solutions for other clients, but this situation was an exception - it is simply impossible to determine the exact cost of 3D printing in advance. The price of a product depends not only on its size and materials used, but also on the complexity of execution, which can only be determined from a photograph or drawing.

However, to save time for the client and the manager, we have developed an advanced online order for calculating the cost of 3D printing. It is completed in 3 steps:

  1. Uploading a 3D model or a photo (you can leave a link to the layout in the cloud).
  2. Specifying the parameters of the model and the required quantity.
  3. Specifying the client's contact information.


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The 3D modeling service involves only uploading a layout and its description, so the calculation request form looks simpler and takes only one screen.



The 3Form website looks great not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices. The work of the main animations and contact forms has been preserved; in the case of long lists, horizontal scrolling is used; and the contents of all blocks are rebuilt in accordance with the screen resolution. The site loads quickly on a smartphone and does not feel «heavyweight» during navigation.


The summary

The Webnauts team has developed a spectacular, stylish and selling business card site for the company. The unique design produces a wow effect, informative content encourages an order, and the introduction of online applications for calculation saves time for both parties. As a result, we have a simple and at the same time powerful tool for attracting customers.

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