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Development of a Presentation for RoceDecor

A commercial presentation is used not only as a sales tool, but also as a means of communication with potential investors and partners. It should contain an extract of useful information about the company and clearly articulate the offer. This can be achieved with a well-thought-out visual in conjunction with high-quality sales text.

Our client, roceDecor, addressed Webnauts with the following task: developing a presentation to attract designers and new partner companies. Our team has rich experience in creating commercial presentations on various topics. We approached the work with all responsibility, because the quality of the document directly affects the business processes of our client.

Stage one: presentation task

Since the company specializes in the sale and complex installation of interior decor, it is important for them to cooperate with interior designers. So they can cover all the needs of the client, relieving them of the necessity to look for designers themselves.

Before starting work, we discussed in detail and formulated the tasks that the presentation should solve.

They turned out as follows:

  • Tell about the company roceDecor, its services, the possibilities of the site;
  • Introduce designers to the affiliate program and its benefits;
  • Encourage a potential partner to register on the site.

The document should not contain unnecessary information – only the most important. We took over the development of a turnkey presentation. After defining the tasks, we proceeded to the next stage.

Stage two: design development

While working on the design of the presentation, we started from the corporate style of the client. The overall style is light and airy thanks to pastel shades and sans-serif fonts. The information is easy to read, and the title and special inserts inform about the content of each slide. Important parts of the text are highlighted in bold.

Each of the twelve slides has a unique design. In the background there are large graphic elements and photographs that catch the eye. The structure changes from slide to slide, which surprises the reader and does not let them get bored.

At the same time, we maintained a balance between graphics and text. Each slide focuses on the text part, and the background does not overlap the font, making it easier to perceive information.


/ 03

The client liked the design almost from the first time. After some refinements, the design of the presentation was approved.

Stage three: writing a selling text

Simultaneously with the rendering of the design, Webnauts developed the content part for each slide.

The first six slides talk about the company, its products and services, and the main advantages. For better perception, the text is supported by screenshots from the roceDecor website.

Starting from the seventh slide, there is information of interest to potential partners. The presentation tells about the opportunities that roceDecor provides for designers, about the bonus program and the possibilities of a personal account on the site. The eighth slide describes step by step what you need to do to join the affiliate program.


/ 03

While working on the content part, we carefully considered:

  • General structure of the presentation;
  • The structure of each slide;
  • Headings;
  • Main text and accents.

The texts turned out to be capacious and informative. They open up the offer, hold attention well, and get the job done.

The result

The result of the work was a commercial presentation of twelve slides, which the customer actively uses in their work. With its help, roceDecor attracts new designers and partner companies, expanding the range of services for its customers.

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