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Development of the Promotion Website and Chat Bots for Participants

The objective

In the fall of 2020, the Khlebny Dom brand held a campaign aimed at attracting the attention of customers to the «Hercules» product line.

The conditions for participation were as follows:

  1. Buy any Hercules product.
  2. Register a receipt in your personal account or in a chat bot.
  3. Get one guaranteed virtual prize.
  4. Wait for the results of the weekly prize draw: cash certificates, watches, Lego or speakers.

The Webnauts team was responsible for the technical support of the event: the development of a promotional landing (website) for the action, registration of participants and moderation of the received data. In this case, we will pay special attention to the development of chatbots for registering receipts of promo participants.

Benefits of Using Chatbots

The easier it is to take part in the action, the more users will be involved in it. Any complication, such as the registration process on the site, immediately eliminates a significant percentage of the audience. Many are repelled by large registration forms, the need to remember another password and the inconvenience of a mobile browser.

The use of chatbots solves the above issues:

  1. Familiar platform. Chatbots in messengers and social networks allow you to lower the entry threshold, because the user does not need to leave the familiar platform. It is enough to make a couple of clicks – and the registration process is launched in an already familiar interface.
  2. Any device. The chatbot is convenient to use both on a computer and on a smartphone. The interface is practically unchanged, and the screen size does not play a decisive role.
  3. Ease of use. Registration does not require a login/password combination, options are offered in the form of a set of buttons, and the mechanics of sending data (text/photo) have already been worked out.

We developed chat bots for two platforms: VKontakte and Telegram. At the same time, the functionality of the bots is completely identical.

Chatbot features

The chatbot we developed was used for three purposes: informing the participants of the promotion, registering receipts and verification of their status. We did not need to implement complex functionality, so the work of chatbots is limited to a narrow set of scenarios. Each of them can be activated using the corresponding buttons.

Information function

So that the user does not have to leave the usual platform (VKontakte or Telegram), we placed the most important information inside the bot. For example, when you click on the «Gifts» button, the bot sends a full description of the prize pool with an attached illustration.


Also, without leaving the bot interface, the user can clarify the terms of the promotion and see what products you need to buy to participate.

Registration of receipts

Sending photos of cash receipts is as simple as possible and takes place in two stages:

  1. Click «Upload Receipt Photos».
  2. We send photos in one message so that they are saved as one receipt.

That’s all! This is the easiest and fastest way to upload photos taken on your smartphone. Thanks to such simplifications, the threshold for participation in the promotion is reduced to a minimum.


Each photo goes through a moderation procedure, the results of which can be found by clicking the «Check receipt status» button.

Receipt moderation

The conditions of the promotion provide that when buying more than three products, the participant claims the prize of the highest category. These three goods can be in one receipt or in several. To check the quantity of goods, as well as to verify the authenticity of receipts, the administrator needs to conduct manual moderation.

To carry out the verification, we have developed the simplest possible moderator panel. It shows the data of each participant, photos of receipts and dates of their registration. After checking the receipt for compliance with the rules, the moderator approves or rejects the application. If approved, the number of goods in one receipt is also indicated.

Participants of the promotion can periodically check the current status of their applications using the chatbot. If the application is rejected, the user will see a moderator’s comment describing the reason. This information is also available on the promo site, in your personal account.

The result

We successfully coped with the tasks set by organizing the most accessible process of participation in the promotion for users. Thanks to the use of chatbots, it is convenient to register receipts even at the checkout in the store, immediately after the purchase. There is no need to use the web interface or fill out a lot of fields — just send a couple of photos to the messenger!

Website development and technical support for promotions

Our team has extensive experience in implementing and supporting promotions in the interests of large companies. We will help develop the mechanics, implement all the technical components of the event, provide technical support and moderation. Discuss the terms of reference with our project manager.

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